Phil Johnston: Episode One

Director Phil Johnston in his office at Disney. Photo by Alex Kang. ©2018 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Wreck-it Ralph 2 is partially inspired by what French New Wave classic? How do you make a personal film inside the Disney Behemoth? PHIL JOHNSTON, veteran of of Disney and Indie film, explains in his insightful and funny conversation about the vocation of directing with Michael Patrick Jann. Inaugural episode of Season One! Listen and Subscribe!

3 thoughts on “Phil Johnston: Episode One

  1. Mike, absolutely wonderful and thank you for the contact. I took a break to watch Zootopia again, then Ralph 1, and will catch Ralph 2 soon. Your conversation with Johnston was extremely interesting but clearly over my head, being a strictly visual guy; story too of course, but the animation in all its contemporary mystery was the takeaway for me on both films. Lens numbers; that’s a thing? But your intro warns the listener that this is exactly what’s ahead and your exchanges with Johnston flow excitedly and intelligently. In my Disney library it’s mostly all about the story and the animation. I was pleased to know some of the older guys, including five of the Nine Old Men, and the stories from the trenches were brilliant. Mostly complaints and very probably retold many times, but clearly remembered and retold with pride. I remember Ollie Johnston saying that on Cinderella: “we rotoscoped everything but the mice”, and Frank Thomas talking about pressure and overtime as they approached a premiere deadline W.D. told them “I you don’t come to work on Saturday, don’t bother to show up on Sunday” . It was of course a childhood dream of mine to work for Disney, the man of course, not that studio with the same name, but my modest talents would lead me in other paths. I have satisfied those dreams, at least partially, by reading everything I can about the artists who worked on the golden age film, the park, the Imagineers, et al. Podcasts such as your will enrich my understanding and for that I am very grateful. Many thanks, Cheers, Tim

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