MICHAEL PATRICK JANN CAN’T DIRECT TRAFFIC is a podcast about directing and directors. Not about the business, not about promotion, not about money or fame or awards. It’s about directing as a vocation, an experience and way to live your life that gives it meaning and makes it all worthwhile. The podcast is a deep-dive into the art and craft and decision making process that is directing. Its also pretty fucking funny. Sometimes.


Michael Patrick Jann has held exactly one job his entire adult life: Director.  Click on this link for proof.

Latest Episodes

Louis Fantasia/Shakespeare Movies: Episode 6

Great artists steal. So why not steal from the greatest playwright in  the english language, William Shakespeare? Too old fashioned? Too hard to understand? Too dull/misogynist/racist? Combo platter? Shakespeare is possibly all those things but great movies from wildly disparate cultures and times have been made from his plays because the film-makers knew the secretContinue reading “Louis Fantasia/Shakespeare Movies: Episode 6”

Thomas Lennon: Episode 5

Thomas Lennon is so successful and talented, that if he wasn’t so damn likable, you’d probably want to hit him with a rock. REN0 911, THE STATE, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, his work is hilarious and original and his credits go on forever. In his roles as actor, writer and producer, he’s worked with moreContinue reading “Thomas Lennon: Episode 5”

HB-12487 Director SETH GORDON on set during the filming of New Line Cinema’s comedy “HORRIBLE BOSSES,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Seth Gordon: Episode 4

Seth Gordon’s directorial debut was small and personal and quirky and absurd and a masterpiece. How his doc, THE KING OF KONG, became hugely popular is a great story. How he transferred his personal voice and vision into bigger mass market features and TV shows is an even greater great story. Host MICHAEL PATRICK JANNContinue reading “Seth Gordon: Episode 4”